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Branches of the Cross was a vision given to me by Our Lord on June 10, 2001, during a regular Sunday church service. The following image is a crude rendition of what I saw.

Branches from the Cross of Christ

Branches of the Cross of Christ

Along with this vision came the command to be a branch of the cross. While there are many references to “branches” in Scripture, there were no phrases “branches of the cross”; so, I searched writings of the Early Church Fathers. I found a match in the letter of St. Ignatius, Bishop of Antioch, in his first century letter to the Traillians (11:1). It says:

“Shun these wildlings, then, which bear but deadly fruit, and when one tastes it, he is outright doomed to die! Surely, such persons are not the planting of the Father. For if they were THEY WOULD APPEAR AS BRANCHES OF THE CROSS, and their fruit would be imperishable — the Cross through which by His Passion He calls you to Him, being members of His body.”

Much work, study, and prayer has gone into defining what a Branch of the Cross is and how Branches may gather for common support and teaching as true disciples of Jesus Christ. Now it is time to start presenting some of the materials in the hope that my thoughts will be refined and that readers might be enriched. May the Holy Spirit guide the process.

About Rev. Tim Laundrie

After many years as a senior business and I.T. systems consultant I heard the call of Our Lord to ordained ministry. In 2007 I received a Master of Divinity degree from Fuller Theological Seminary and in August, 2010, I was ordained a priest in the Anglican tradition at Grace Anglican Church in Carlsbad, CA, where I served until August 2012. At that time, with a small group of willing helpers, I planted a church in Vista, CA, which is called Branches of the Cross Anglican Church. In 2013 we assumed Christian Healing Center as the church's primary outreach ministry, which I lead as well. Christian Healing Center has been a conduit of God's healing to over one hundred people since that time. Check out the church and healing center at the website,
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