A Branch Budding

Thank You, Dear Father Almighty, for bestowing Your grace upon me in more ways than I know. You have redeemed me, paid a price to set me free. Maybe you advertised the free gift by Your prevenient grace because I did have an undefined longing in my heart, but I freely chose to “check out the burning bush that was not consumed” set before me, the miracle of Jesus Christ about which I knew only slightly. As I ventured across the rocks and stones to approach the Burning Bush I said that if I found You I would give You the rest of my life. With great joy, I did find You. And I did give You the rest of my life, consecrating it to you in a human way perhaps.

It seems that I have not fully handed the title to me over to You thus far. My hand reaches to You with all the paperwork fully executed but I have not released my grip on them yet. You are far too kind to just pull it out of my hands, but I sense that Your hand is on the paperwork with another on my shoulder.

Today, with St. Michael the Archangel, on whose feast day I was born, standing by, and with the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother of Jesus, to whom I was consecrated as an infant I’m told, looking on approvingly, I completed the transaction with You Father Son and Holy Spirit, letting the paperwork loose from my grasp, giving up all right, title, and sovereignty of my life over to You. Now, Dear Father Almighty and Glorious, please stamp my heart and mind with your imprint as a permanent receipt for this transaction. For I need something constantly in my mind to remind me Whose I am. And I accept now that I am truly a Branch of the Cross of Christ Jesus. Praise you Dear Father God!

About Rev. Tim Laundrie

After many years as a senior business and I.T. systems consultant I heard the call of Our Lord to ordained ministry. In 2007 I received a Master of Divinity degree from Fuller Theological Seminary and in August, 2010, I was ordained a priest in the Anglican tradition at Grace Anglican Church in Carlsbad, CA, where I served until August 2012. At that time, with a small group of willing helpers, I planted a church in Vista, CA, which is called Branches of the Cross Anglican Church. In 2013 we assumed Christian Healing Center as the church's primary outreach ministry, which I lead as well. Christian Healing Center has been a conduit of God's healing to over one hundred people since that time. Check out the church and healing center at the website, http://www.brancheschc.org.
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